Modern stem cell technology is rapidly evolving and holds promise to revolutionize medicine by allowing regeneration of any type of cell within the human body


Stem Cell Culture Media

The MSC-Gro™ Brand of Media for growth and differentiation of MSCs.

  • Low-serum, humanized/species specific and serum-free formulations.
  • Veterinary and clinical grade.
  • Media for primary cell culture.

Stem Cell Lines

Native, fluorescent and nanoparticle-labeled human MSCs; fibroblast cell line/Oct 3/4-expressing MSCs for IPSC research; terminally-differentiated cells derived from human MSCs: chondrocytes, osteoblasts and endothelial cells (coming soon). Custom engineered MSCs

Cell-Based Assays

Stem-cell derived osteoblasts for osteoporosis & bone metastasis drug discovery. Stem cell functional/activation assays measuring a) proliferation, b) cell migration, c) secretome biomarker profiling/exosomes and d) epigenetic reprogramming.

CMA Movie

Mission Statement

We develop and commercialize adult stem cell technology for applications in stem cell research, drug discovery & development and therapeutic products for treatment of disease, injury and tissue regeneration. We manufacture and sell a series of tools for stem cell research and clinical development based on Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs).


These tumor associated fibroblasts are gaining recognition for roles in cancer tumor biology and are now active targets for drug discovery and development. We now offer endometrial adenocarcinoma CAFs, ovarian serious CAFs, lung squamous and adenocarcinoma CAFs, colorectal CAFs and pancreatic stellate CAFs. These are provided as well-characterized cell lines including IHC analysis and phenotype information by flow cytometery. These cells are also available as cell-based assays for cell migration and co-culture.